Basic Spanish

Start to make cultural friendships (boyfriends and girlfriends) all over the world.

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Intermediate Spanish

Become more interesting, meet more interesting people and look smart.

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Advanced Spanish

To be able to talk in two languages help to keep you healthy, boost your brain, become smarter.

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DELE, CELA & SIELE Preparation

Get Certified and Become bilingual.

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One Day Spanish

Tell me why you are in Mexico and I will tell you what to do.

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Conversational Spanish

Have you studied Spanish but never achieved conversational fluency?

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Business Spanish

Spanish can help you give an added advantage in your career.

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Travelling Spanish

Travel and look smart in touristic places.

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Cultural Spanish

A comprehensive understanding of the history and traditions of Mexico.

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Friendly Spanish

Do you albureas? So, Learn informal Spanish.

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Get a Better Grade

Be the best

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